Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recap: Nov. 17th

thanks to Jesse for bringing some stories.  here is a list of talking points

Eris has performed a stellar occultation, find that it's actually smaller than pluto.

A cosmologists wish list: here.

Supernova 1979C may have been the birth of a new black hole!

Has a nearby quasar just turned off?

Allan Sandage has passed away.  He was a prolific astronomer, and contributed much to the community.  He will be missed.

Gemini South has refurbished their mirror.

Recap: Nov. 10th

Thanks to stu for handling the stories this week!  some of the things we covered.

There may be a link between barred spirals and the size of the galaxy.  read more here.

the sun is ramping up!  SDO is going to get its money's worth.

The Large Hadron Collider has made its first lead ion collisions.

The leonids are ramping up!

Close up on comet hartley by EPOXI.

Climate change in the cosmic past?

The Fermi telescope has found two giant spheres of Gamma-ray emitting bubbles roughly half the size of the galaxy.  very interesting...not well understood.

thanks to all for coming

Friday, November 5, 2010

Recap: Nov. 3rd - Host: Ted Rudyk

Thanks to Ted for bringing the stories this week, and thanks for everyone who came out!  Here are some of the things that were covered.

The Kepler spacecraft can 'hear' a red giant singing in space.

Saturn's B ring has a lot more to say, and we've translated it.

The gullies on mars can be created by carbon dioxide, not water.

How common is a planetary system like ours?  The keck observatory has an answer.

Amateur astronomer Mike Lynch's telescope blew up!  The telescope happened to be cover-less during the day, and the sun crossed the mirror concentrating the light on the secondary mirror.

Robonaut 2 is heading skyward in december aboard discovery, check out its jobs here.

thanks to all for coming,  see you next week!