Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 10 Recap

This week's journal club was hosted by Michael Bietenholz. Some highlights were:

1. A numerical simulation shows that, even a galaxy like ours should host hundreds of intelligent civilizations, the civilizations like us are likely exist one at a time. Read the article here. If you like to know about the Rare Earth hypothesis mentioned in the article read the paper here.

2. "Seven-Year WMAP Results: No, They're NOT Anomalies", read the article here, or try your hand to find interesting patterns in WMAP here.

3. Radio astronomers have found a supernova explosion with properties similar to a gamma-ray burst, but without seeing any gamma rays from it. Read the press release here.

4. Astronomers in the Netherlands catch supernova, observe relativistic expansion. Read Nature paper here.

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