Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19 Recap

Paul Delaney regaled us with this weeks astronomy news, and was also the recipient of the Sandford Fleming Medal of the Royal Canadian Institute. He was awarded this for his outstanding contribution to the public understanding of science. Here is a list of talking points of this weeks meeting:

Voyager 2 has been diagnosed! click here to see the prognosis.

Cassini continues its studies of Saturn and its satellites. Specifically Enceladus and Titan, see the latest results.

Astronomers think they have solved the missing baryon problem, it's all tied up in hot gas located in between galaxies in the Sculptor wall. Check out the article.

Jupiter surprised us all recently when its southern equatorial band suddenly disappeared. We'll keep a watchful eye in the next couple months.

Japan is launching a Venus orbiter and something that comes right out science fiction!

A in depth analysis of SOHO's data over the last 13 years has shown the sun to be roughly static in size.

The space station is currently getting one of its last upgrades before the shuttles stop running. check out the article here.

Finally, BBC reports a US-based might have found clues as to why there is the lopsided matter-antimatter ratio.

Enjoy the reading. See you all next week!

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