Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recap: Oct 13

While it is reading week at York University, we were still able to draw few hard core astronomers/planetary scientists.  Lots of fun was had, here is a list of the topics of discussion:

A Russian company is planning on launching a private space hotel in 2016.  Should we get our cheque books ready?

Congress finally approves a NASA funding package.  FYI: there will be 3 more shuttle launches.

Gliese 581g still has to make it through a lot more scrutiny before anything is really known about it.  For instance, a group out of europe were unable to find the planet that Vogt et al did.

China has launched Chang'e 2 which is now orbiting the moon 100 km up.  look for some high definition images of the surface in the future.

Enceladus has been quite active in the news and on its surface due to a really awesome cassini picture of some geysers.

thanks to all for participating, we'll see you next week!

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