Monday, December 6, 2010

Recap: Nov 24 and Dec 1

hello all.  A double post today to catch up the last couple of weeks!

On Nov. 24 Laura was kind enough to host journal club.  here is a list of things we talked about!

Penrose claims to have glimpsed the universe before the big bang.  you know you want to read more.

the first methane dwarf obriting a dead star.

Europe maintains its presence on frontier

Astronomers confirm the first exo-planet that originated OUTSIDE the milky way.  really cool article.

York's Scott Menary and his team at CERN trap anti-hydrogen for the first time!

On Dec 1 both Lianne and Jesse brought some cool stories to talk about:

Astronomers at UPenn have found a way to test for higher spatial dimensions in space.  By observing the lensing effects of a black hole.

More from Cassini: Rhea has an oxygen atmosphere.....that is 5 trillion times less dense than Earth's.
More from Cassini: Enceladus (see Dr. John for pronunciation) has warm cracks that seem to change frequently.

Jupiter's belt is on its way back!  exciting....

NASA to hold press conference on some astro-biology.

thanks everyone!

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