Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recap: Feb 9 2011

What to do with the 3rd floor hallway?
-5 posters educational posters/4 spots for research - 9 spots total
-each prof/grad team take ownership of one educational

Big Questions to address: (with possible leading prof)
Exoplanets - paul
Cosmology - Dark Matter - Dark Energy - Big Bang - pat
end points of stellar evolution - norbert
large scale structure - marshall
active galactic nuclei/black holes - michael
life in the universe?...takers?
why is the sky blue?
why is the sunset red?

-should include our OWN research in this.  not necessarily have textbook images.  include a York University credit in each poster i.e. graphics/images/stuff WE do

GOAL: have done for september 2011

Michael Bientenhotz still has the canadian images from IYA - to keep in mind - 1st floor maybe

-podcasts for different topics here - michael/paul worked on this
-can include youtube in this
-itunes for podcasting

Other Journal Club Topics: Led by Bahman

Largest black hole ever measured in M87.

E-merlin (radio telescope in UK) should increase resolution.  Here's an example of what it will be doing.

Most distant galaxy cluster measured using Spitzer, Chandra, HST, and Subaru.  z~5.3.

see you all next week!

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