Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec 2 Recap

This week's host is Prof. Paul Delaney.

1. LHC officially becomes the most powerful accelerator. Both proton beams were powered to 1.18 TeV, the speed of the protons are 0.9997 times the speed of light. Read the story here.,

2. Report from Cassini mission:  the eccentricity of Saturn's orbit around the sun may be responsible for the unusually uneven distribution of lakes over the northern and southern polar regions of Titan. Read more here.

3. More pictures from Cassini: water vapor and ice dust on Encelaus. Read more here.

4. NASA plan to launch another infrared probe on Dec 9. WISE will survey the whole sky and aim at objects that are cold, dusty or far away, such as cool asteroids in solar system, and brown dwarfs. Read mission news here.

5. Mammoth might be extincted because a comet impact during the ice age? Find out more about those interesting and confusing theories here.

6. International space station crew back to earth, read more here.

7. HE0450-2958, a "naked quasar"? By far, no host galaxy found yet. Read more here.

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