Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recap: Jan 13, 2010

The first astronomy journal club of this year was hosted by Alireza Rafiee. Some highlights are following:

1. A complex form of mathematical symmetry (E8) linked to string theory has been spot first time in laboratory experiments on exotic crystals. Read more here.

2. Kepler mission news: five new planets have been identified just using the first six week's science data. Read it here. Want to know the science of Kepler mission visit here.

3. Results from interferometric observations of Betelgeuse: two bright star spots, limb-darkened diameter, effective temperature, etc. Read the paper here.

4. A simulation of the merger of two equal-mass white dwarfs might produce a sub-luminous 1991bg-like supernovae. Read the paper here.

5. Experience York Astronomy Observatory's Monday Public online viewing and visit the chatting room while you are there.

6. A NASA documentary movie: IMAX Hubble 3D, features the last Hubble rescue mission, coming out March 19. Watch the trailer here.

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