Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 20 Recap

This week's journal club was host by Michael De Robertis. Some highlights are following:

1. IYA 2009 officially came to a close on Jan 9th and 10th in Padua, Italy. Read the event here.

2. Pulsar watchers race for gravity waves. Radio telescopes use pulsars looking for massive cosmic collisions. Read the article here.

3. Simulation shows that supernova winds can explain the shape of dwarf galaxies. Read the article here.

4. Where is all the non-dark matter hiding? Astronomers found out that the amount of baryonic matters detected are different in different galaxies. Some of them might hide as undetectable hot gas in dark matter halo, or be blown away by supernova explosion. Read the article here.

5. Oldest galaxies show stars came together in a hurry. Image from HST found new galaxies populated by stars that formed just few hundred million years after big bang. Read the article here.

6. Direct imaging of bridged twin protoplanetary disks in a young multiple star. Read detail here.

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