Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mar 3 Recap

This meeting was hosted by Dr. Chris Ryan. Some highlights were:

1. Chilean quake may have shortened Earth days. Read the NASA news here.

2. NASA still cannot get contact with Phoenix on Mars. Read the article here.

3. NASA Mini-Sar experiment on board India's Chandrayaan-1 lunar spacecraft has identified thick deposits of water-ice near the Moon's north pole. Read the news here.

4. "Zooniverse" newest attraction, "Solar Storm Watch". Spot and track solar storms online using real data from NASA's STEREO spacecraft. Try your hand here.

5. Nature invited seven astronomers gave ranks to future missions during a dinner. Read what and why they think are important here.

6. Exoplanet, WASP-12b, is being swallowed by its Sun. Read the story here or the Nature letter here.

7. A group of Argentina astronomers show evidence that contrary to the general belief, more than half of the cosmic rays are not from AGNs at all. Read the news at Nature or their journal paper here.

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