Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar10 Recap

This week's journal club is hosted by Jesse Rogerson. Some topics were:

1. "Spirits' Journey to the Center of Mars", read the news about Mars rover Spirit, on NASA here.

2. New results show that the channels on Mars might be formed from lava flow instead of the water flow. Read more here.

3. 2010 Hubble Fellows Symposium. Watch fascinating presentations through Webcast here.

4. "Globe at Night" is on going from Mar 3rd to 16th. An annual 2-week campaign to help address the light pollution issue locally and globally. Read how you can participate here.

5. You can rent a telescope through the web. In March issue of Sky & Telescope Andy Macica told you how well it works.

6. "Keck telescope confirms smallest known star duo". HM Cancri, a binary system consists two white dwarfs,  their rotation period around each other has been confirmed as 5.4 minutes. Read the news here.

7. "Underground detector yields tantalizing hint of dark matter", an article in Physics Today February issue talks about the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search and their two "tantalizing but inconclusive" findings. Read the article here.

8. Iapetus, one of Saturn's moons, has extreme albedo. One of the explanation, given as early as 1974, that  Iapetus is a very dusty ice ball is supported by Cassini's visible and IR data. Read the article here.

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