Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recap: Sept 22 meeting

while the journal club future is in confusion at the moment we were still able to have a very interesting discussion.

Patrick Hall broke down the future of Gemini North.  As of roughy 2012 the UK will be pulling its funding in the project leaving a sizeable portion of the operation costs un accounted for.  While Gemini is open to new partnerships, expect all existing partners to scale their participation up according to the ratios at the moment, to make up the full 100%.  Both the U.S. and Canada seem to be in the position of putting more money into the project.  Gemini is also prepared to work with a skeleton staff and mostly queue observing mode to keep costs down and allow operations to continue uninterrupted.  We'll all be following this closely as the transition period begins to loom.

Laura Chajet had a few announcements.  There will be a two-day Slitless Spectroscopy Workshop organized by the Space Telescope Institute running Nov 15-16.

Dark matter awareness week running 1-8 Dec 2010 will provide each institute the opportunity to give a 45 min talk to their respective journal clubs on the basics of dark matter, and where it stands today.  See here for more details.

There is a workshop on Narrow line Seyfert 1 Galaxies and their place in the universe running 4-6 April 2011 in Italy, check the website for more details.

Stu Dack regailed us with the astronomy news of the week.

thanks to all for participating, we'll see you next wednesday!

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