Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recap: Sept 29

Thanks to all for coming out, here is a list of the things we talked about.

The US House of Representatives voted on the Senate version of the NASA funding bill on wednesday.  It has been passed.  Check out phil plait's blog for details.

Gemini North has used its Near Infrared Imager and Spectrometer to look at one of the coldest brown dwarfs ever known, and it's in our own backyard (just 13 ly away).

The STEREO satellites have take some images of Mercury's 'comet-like' tail.  The tail was observed previously during one of MESSENGER's flybys in 2008.  Check out here for details.

JWST has passed a pivotal test, the freezing vacuum of space.  In order to perform properly, JWST must not change shape when it cools down to 27 K in space.  It passed the test!

The LRO has taken a very cool mosaic of the south pole of the moon.  In it you can see the places where LCROSS impacted, and the craters where no sunlight has been seen for billions of years.

Cassini continues to awe its followers, it has put together a video tracking aurorae in the poles of saturn.  check out the video here.

Weather report on titan, planning a vacation?

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