Monday, October 12, 2009

2008-2009 AJC records

Since we don't have journal club this week, I think I will update the blog with the last year's journal club schedule. If you like to check any abstracts go to here.


  • September 24, Jesse Rogerson, "Measuring Column Densities in Quasar Outflows: VLT Observations of QSO 2359-1241" and "Physical Conditions in Quasar Outflows: VLT Observations of QSO 2359-1241"
  • October 1, Sunne (Xiaoyi) Dong, "The nature of dusty starburst galaxies in a rich cluster at z=0.4: the progenitors of lenticulars?"
  • October 15, Patrick Hall, "Dark energy and its observational evidence"
  • October 22, Laura Chajet, "Resonance model for high-frequency QPOs in white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes" and "Difficulties with the QPOs Resonance Model"
  • October 29, Alireza Rafiee, "Radio-loudness of active galaxies and the black hole evolution"


  • February 18, Chris Ryan, "Do Moderate-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei Suppress Star Formation?"
  • March 18, Patrick Hall, "Coincident, 100 kpc-scale damped Lyman alpha absorption towards a binary QSO: how large are galaxies at z ~3?"
  • April 1, Nick Balaskas, "York is Located at the Center of the Universe, No Fooling!"
  • April 22, Paul Delaney, "ExoPlanet Update"
  • April 29, Jesse Rogerson, "Strong Lensing Systems"
  • May 6, Laura Chajet, "Microquasar"

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