Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct 28 Recap

Today's host was Jesse Rogerson.

1. Ares I-X, NASA's next generation spacecraft and launch vehicle system has taken its first flight test today successfully. Read NASA's news release here.

2. Which method is more efficient to detect the first galaxies (z:6~12), lensing or blank fields? Based on the simulations they are both needed. Read the journal paper here.

3. FLAMINGOS-2 has achieved its first light on the Gemini South telescope. They produce high quality images with FWHM as good as 0.4 arcsecond. Read the new release here to see what else still need to be done before it can serve the Gemini community.

4. Naming the extrasolar planets based on Roman-Greek mythology? Interesting read, and a handy list of extrasolar planet candidates known as of Oct 2009. Read more here. Another two blogs also talk about naming exoplants,  NewScientist blog and arXiv blog.

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